Longevity assets are life contingent and do not rely on the movement of any other financial event to achieve a return.

Investing in Longevity

Life Token’s investments in longevity linked assets through life settlements provides investors with double-digit yield, high predictability, low correlation to broad financial markets, and the security of an asset-backed investment.

High Yield

Annualized double-digit returns on Life Settlement Investments provide investors a new source for long term growth.

CategoryAnnualized Yield
S&P 50012.91
Real Estate Investment Trusts5.35
Investment Grade Bonds5.79
High Yield Bonds4.90
Business Development Companies-6.66
Master Limited Partnerships-6.01

8 Year Annualized Returns (CAGR)

8 Year Total Return

Low Volatility

Compared to some of the most traditionally popular equity and fixed income investments, longevity has some of the lowest market volatility. The consistent return profile ensures a steady appreciation of the assets and the value of the investment.

CategoryAnnualized Yield
S&P 50036.97
Real Estate Investment Trusts45.90
Investment Grade Bonds17.03
High Yield Bonds19.06
Business Development Companies57.86
Master Limited Partnerships86.45

High Predictability

Unlike traditional investments in stocks, bonds, or REITs, where returns come from unknown future financial performance and overall economic growth, life settlement returns are realized on actual mortality events that are predictable. Investment performance is projected using actuarial science, third-party expert medical underwriting, and trends in longevity.

Low Correlation


Asset Backed


S&P 500 (SPY)12.55%31.43%N/A1.000.250.400.11
*LONGEVITY Assets11.43%9.51%9.910.080.803.871.29
REITs (NAREIT)9.97%34.94%3.180.520.170.270.17
MLPs (AMLP)-1.36%49.58-6.360.37-0.05-0.07-0.07
**BDCs (BZID)5.57%40.16%0.090.410.110.120.11
High Yield Bond (HYG)5.21%15.46%-11.661.360.160.260.03
Investment Grade Bond (LQD)5.69%14.91%0.450.390.220.360.12

Eight year historical calculation as of 2/1/2020 and includes all dividends | *Based on historical data adjusted for expected fund performance | **Five year historical