Securitize Launches Securitize ID

Simplifying KYC/AML With One-Time Signup As a required necessity in capital markets, the traditional process of information retrieval, identity verification, and document checks known as “Know Your Customer” (KYC), has been painful for all parties involved. Securitize, the industry-leading primary issuance and lifecycle management platform for digital securities, announced today the launch of Securitize ID, a new automated sign-in tool that offers digital security issuers and investors a fast, compliant, and reliable verification process. The new tool caps a busy month for Securitize after recently launching Securitize Instant Access, a feature that gives issuers the power to allow peer-to-peer transactions for…

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COVID-19, Age, and Life Settlements

By Jon Hill, PhD It is now widely accepted that COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) will have a broad, lasting impact around the globe, and in the U.S. in particular. The magnitude of that impact is still unknown, but that there will be a measurable impact has become indisputable. The life settlements population represents a unique cohort of individuals who may experience greater vulnerability to COVID-19 than the broader U.S. public. This is the first in a series of articles written by Longevity Holdings’ Data Science Team[1] investigating the potential short- and long-term impact of COVID-19 within the life settlements population.…

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Security Token Offerings: Poised to Revamp Funding in the Private Markets

Research by Optimas Security token offering (STO) is the new buzzword in the digital asset ecosystem, and its promoters assure that, this time, they have found the killer app that will revolutionize financial asset ownership and trading. There are clearly a number of benefits to tokenizing existing assets via STO. Beyond complying with the existing securities regulatory framework, tokenization permits fractionalization of ownership rights, transfer of paper-based property rights into the digital world, emergence of a secondary market supported by the blockchain infrastructure, and access to a more global investor base. A closer look at the variety of assets that…

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3 Ways Digital Securities Are Changing Compliance for Issuers

How well do you know your investors? For private and non-listed securities issuers, listing and administering assets means managing a litany of regulations around investor qualifications, shareholder limits and other compliance considerations. Depending on the type of private placement, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has strict laws around asset ownership and transfer, with severe penalties for issuers who fail to meet requirements. In the traditional markets, the time and resources required to vet investors and ensure transactions meet compliance standards has often limited the pool of prospective investors for issuers. Read More >>

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As Stocks Take a Dive, Some Retirees Take a Look at Life Settlements

For seniors over the age of 65 who qualify, a life settlement can generate immediate cash. As financial markets around the globe react to the spread of the coronavirus, many retirees worry about the impact on their investment portfolios. Seniors who are about to begin their retirement drawdown strategies are wondering how the market’s plunge will change things. Most financial planners and advisors are recommending that their clients remain calm and stay the course, assuming they have the proper asset allocation along with enough cash in their emergency fund to pay for two years of basic living expenses. A well-funded…

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