A New Asset Class

High yield alternative asset security token offering (“STO”) in a low correlation investment class

Longevity Contingent Insurance Linked Securities


Typical Return

10-12% per year

Market Correlation






8 Year Annualized Returns (CAGR) *

Life Settlement Investments in Longevity provide long term growth

We provide long term capital growth through exposure to longevity assets and life settlements acquired in the secondary and tertiary markets for life insurance.

With management’s sixteen years of experience in a relatively new asset class that exhibits high returns, low volatility, high predictability and low correlation, we target gross investment returns of 10 to 12% annually.

*As of July 31, 2020. Longevity investment returns are projected based on historical analysis of publicly available data adjusted for conservative performance expectations.  BDC returns calculated for 7 years.

A new asset class

A new global capital market, known as the Life Market, is developing, one which trades longevity-linked assets and liabilities that are related to changes in human life expectancy (LE). One of the main attractions of longevity-linked assets is that they are to a first-order uncorrelated with financial assets, such as equities and bonds. This makes them an attractive asset to hold in a diversified portfolio.

One such asset is the Life Settlement Policy, which we focus on, where a traded life insurance policy is acquired at a significant discount to the future maturity payment (or death benefit). The investor-owner then continues to make policy premium payments with the expectation that the total cost to acquire and maintain is less than the face amount of the life policy. Medical underwriters estimate the remaining life expectancy of the underlying insured life, and paired with actuarial tables and models, investors determine the value and expected future cash flows of the policy and entire portfolios for investment.

Why life tokens and longevity?

High Yield

Annualized returns from 10 to 12% per year.

Asset Backed

Backed by traded life policies issued by insurance companies with high credit ratings.


All investment transactions are recorded securely on the blockchain.

Predictable Growth

Investments increase in value over time along predictable actuarial trends in life expectancy.

Low Correlation

Investment performance does not rely on broader financial markets or products for returns.


Buy, sell or exchange on secondary trading platforms or privately P2P for increased liquidity.


Life Token’s investment strategy is to build a performing portfolio of carefully selected life insurance policies. We seek significant investment portfolio diversification across numerous sectors, including but not limited to insurance carrier concentration, age, gender, medical impairments, face value, and geography.

We utilize detailed actuarial, financial, and qualitative analysis and experience to ensure the quality of investments we make. Our portfolio design is built to maximize investment performance and manage the risks inherent to longevity investing in executing the long term growth strategy.

How it works

01 / Life Insurance Policies

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02 / You purchase life tokens

Each token represents a partnership interest giving you a share of the fund's value & profits from its portfolio of life insurance policies.

03 / Hold or trade your life tokens

The value of your tokens grows steadily as the underlying portfolio ages and matures. Choose to hold or sell – long before the maturity date.

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Dave Marantz

Dave Marantz

Dave is the Founder of Life Token and Managing Partner of Life Capital Management, Life Token’s Investment Manager. Prior to founding Life Token and Life Capital Management he …


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